Empowering Facts

I urge you to check your own cosmetic products against the Environmental Working Group (EWG) website so that you can form your own opinion. Here are some facts for your consideration. I have included my source links under the "Comments" tab.

~ The FDA does not regulate the cosmetic industry; they regulate themselves.

~ The recommendations of the cosmetic industry regulatory committee are optional; companies are not obligated to follow them.

~ There are approximately 12,000 chemical in use in the cosmetic industry with hundreds being added annually. The number of chemicals that have been tested and proven as safe in humans varies between 4 and 12%.

~ Cosmetic companies are allowed to have partial listings of cosmetic ingredients. What you get is not always what you see.

~ Some in the cosmetic industry has removed the word “paraben” from their labeling with a more obscure labeling such as E209 or E218.

~ The words “Healthy, Natural and Organic” have no legal definition or restrictions.

~ Babies are born with as many as 232 of these chemicals in their body; there could be more as the tests are designed to look for only these 232.

~ The industry rationale is that these doses are so small that they would have no effect. However, I have found no long term studies where a product has been investigated in the presence of other products.

~ The EWG assessment of RESTORATION CREAM was 1 (0 is no hazard, 10 is maximum hazard) because of Vitamin E. I urge you to research your own products at the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep website here.